One Wicked Scot

I thought I'd left it all behind . . .

But when I’m summoned back to L.A. by my secret husband,
It’s for the purpose of revenge,
Not a second chance.

Estranged as long as we’ve been married,
I’ve never told anyone back home I even have a husband,
Let alone that he’s the Scots born movie star, Dylan Duffy.
Yep, that Dylan Duffy.
The Hollywood bad-boy,
Whose rumbling accent makes women across the globe sigh.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one keeping secrets.
And Dylan is hellbent on making me pay.
In the most despicable way . . .

I married the wickedest Scot.
And I’m not even sorry.

an epically captivating story
~ Goodreads Reviewer

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