One Dirty Scot

He’s dirty, hot, and Scottish.

Hear him speak and you’ll understand . . .
So sexy.

He wears a suit like a woman wears lingerie.
For the business of temptation.
I’m not giving in.

Even if we kissed that first night . . .
It won’t happen again.

We’re too different. I’m a doctor. Professional. Sensible.
While he seems to have stepped from my Tumblr feed.
He doesn’t date. Strictly casual.

As the twin of my best friend’s man, he’s too close to home.
The idea is ridiculous. The fall out messy.
But the attraction is real.
It’s too complicated.

Even for a secret rebound fling . . . 

Sinfully delicious and I want more!
~ Goodreads reviewer

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