One Hot Scot

A Hot Scots second chance romance.


I have ninety-nine problems. Literally.
I’ve lost my husband, my job, my home, and I narrowly avoided jailtime!
Now I’m back living in the place I loathe most.
Things couldn’t possibly get any worse . . .

Until problem #100 walks in.

Rory Tremaine.
Ripped. Rich. Handsome.
He’s a blast from my past,
Who appears to have no recollection of me.
Second time around that’s okay,
Because when I’m near his firm butt and tattoos,
I’ll use a fake name, anyway.

This time, I’ll be the one to walk away,
And I won’t leave my heart behind.

I hope.

I devoured all that is Fin and Rory in about 4 hours. I could. not. stop.
~ Goodreads Reviewer

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