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The Gamble

It’s all pretend because he won me in a card game.

My husband devours me with every glance.
Kisses me like he’s starved and I’m his only sustenance.
And when he holds me in his arms, the whole world fades away.
There’s just one problem.
It’s all pretend because he won me in a card game.

Let me rewind.
I’m no shrinking violet and I’m no one’s idea of a pushover,
But when a gorgeous stranger goes to this much trouble to get my attention,
I’m also secretly flattered.
I storm his office with the plan. I’ll tell him exactly what I think of his game…
Then find myself leaving it on unsteady legs, and wearing his engagement ring.

Raif needs a wife for one year and I need the money he pledges.
But there’s no such thing as easy cash with a man as calculated as he is charming.
As seductive as he is possessive.
The more time we spend together, the more I begin to wonder which of us is bluffing.

But he has a secret—the deck is stacked.
Too bad I’m already all in.

✓  Age Gap

✓  Marriage of convenience

✓  Single dad(ish)

✓  Dirty talking grump

✓  Forced proximity

✓  Touch her & die vibes

✓  Wild card heroine





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