Never Say Forever – Signed Paperback

From the French countryside to Manhattan, falling for my one-night stand wasn’t supposed to be the plan.

Dear Mr Hayes,
I’m sorry you found me floating in your bathtub last night.
And that you didn’t realize I was housesitting.
I’m also sorry I crept out of your bed five years ago without leaving my name . . .

My secret one-night stand.
In another lifetime, we might’ve been soulmates,
The memories of our passion have warmed my bed since.
I’m going to pretend I don’t see the way your eyes devour me,
And ignore how that makes me feel.

You’re wealthy, charismatic, and sinfully sensual,
And I burn every time you whisper my name.
But I can’t give in to you. Not again.
know you’re hiding something.


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Never Say Forever features a sinful billionaire hiding secrets, a red-hot night with no names exchanged, a second chance with heart-racing chemistry, and the sassiest four-year-old ever! Love, laughter, feels, and happy ever after!

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