Liar Liar – Paperback

My first mistake?
Causing the h-o-t Frenchman a concussion.
My second?
Telling the hospital staff that I was his girlfriend.
In my defense, he didn’t speak English.
My third?
Taking him home and letting him sleep in my bed.
I never said I was Florence Nightingale . . .

He gave me a night I’ll never forget but when I wake, he’s already gone.
I tell myself it’s his loss, that I wasn’t expecting him to stay forever anyway,
And my life moves on. I get a new job.
A fresh start in a new country and I stop counting my mistakes.
Until those striking green eyes meet mine across the office,
And it all comes rushing back.


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LIAR LIAR is a contemporary romance set in a billionaires’ playground. It features a Frenchman with more secrets than moves, lovers-who-become-enemies then back again, twists and turns, laughter and love. And did I mention the super swoony Frenchman? Ooh-la-la!

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