Never Say Forever

From the French countryside to Manhattan, falling for my one-night stand wasn’t supposed to be the plan.


Dear Mr Hayes,

I’m sorry you found me floating in your bathtub last night.
And that you didn’t realize I was housesitting.
I’m also sorry I crept out of your bed five years ago without leaving my name…

My secret one-night stand.
In another lifetime, we might’ve been soulmates,
The memories of our passion have warmed my bed since.
I’m going to pretend I don’t see the way your eyes devour me,
And ignore how that makes me feel.

You’re wealthy, charismatic, and sinfully sensual,
And I burn every time you whisper my name.
But I can’t give in to you. Not again.
I know you’re hiding something.

I’m not that girl anymore.
My kisses aren’t trifles to be wasted,
Single mothers aren’t afforded those luxuries.
Why must you be so hard to resist?

Falling in love with you was never in my plans,
Discovering who you really are might devastate me.

I was totally swept away
~ BookBub Reviewer

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