Playing His Games

Fantasies. We all have them.
The night I go home with him, he’s mine.
Dark. Dominant. His hot Brit accent makes me wet.
He has secrets. A past. A son.
But that night, I only know I want him.

I’m not a one-night stand kind of girl.
I don’t get drunk.
Don’t go home with handsome strangers.
I’d never creep out next morning,
Without exchanging names.
Until I do.

Until he finds me again,
And melts my inhibitions.
Until I’m dancing to his dark tune,
And bending my rules.

I shouldn’t—I won’t—fall for him.
But I can’t stop playing his games.


I could not put this down... from start to finish I was captivated by how the story played out.
~ Goodreads Reviewer

Standalones by Donna Alam


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