Gentleman Player

Forbidden love in a billionaire playground.


It was meant to be a fresh start.
A new job in a vibrant new city.
On the other side of the world.
Some might call it daring,
Others a moment of madness.
But it was to be an adventure,
Not a time to risk my heart again.
Until I met Kai.
A man hotter than sin,
And impossible to resist.

Our first meeting was like a bad comedy.
Our second made me weak at the knees.
Our third led me to his bed.
By our fourth, my heart was in danger once again.

He’s the worst kind of trouble.
And the best kind of man.
But in a place where family and power rule,
He isn’t destined for a woman like me.

Maybe someone should tell him.
And my heart, too . . .

I'm a sucker for pithy, snappy dialogue and this story is full of it.
~ Goodreads reviewer

Standalones by Donna Alam


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