Some old flames burn to the touch.

Mogul. Dirty talker. Crime boss? And my brother’s best friend,
Niko Vanyin broke my heart fifteen years ago.
I thought that was the end of our story,
But he’s been playing the long game.

Recently divorced and raising my sons,
He was supposed to be an ego boost—a fun rebound.
What I got was a dance with the devil … all the way to the altar.

He has more secrets than the Medicis,
And I’m pretty sure I should be terrified by him.
Because he’ll scorch the earth to protect me,
Ruin those who get in his way,
But when he looks at me with those cool blue eyes, the world just melts away.

Ours is a story of three parts.
Before. Now. And what comes after I’m forced to marry him



steamy, heartfelt, and oh so entertaining
Amazon Reviewer

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