Fate taught me eight years ago what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

It’s a tale as old as time.
Girl meets boy (cute face, charisma, killer suit).
A wild night is had, and girl later finds out she’s pregnant.
Girl goes home. She doesn’t finish college.
She makes her living serving coffee, smiling when she’s feeling stabby.
But she does it all for her boy, the only man she’ll ever need in her life.
Until Fate decides otherwise . . .

And she finds herself looking into those twilight-coloured eyes again.
He’s been looking for her this whole time.
She should be happy, right?
Because he’s living next door, shaking up her world, and driving her crazy!
Softening her heart as she watches him father their child.
But she can’t take a chance on loving him,
Even after she drops more than her defenses.
Because secrets have a habit of resurfacing,
And her heart can’t take losing him a second time.

witty dialogue, sizzling chemistry, a totally swoon-worthy hero

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