One Dirty Scot – Paperback

“The man is a wolf. A devil in a Savile Row Suit. I’ll never survive him.”

Kit Tremaine is dark, mysterious, and gorgeous. He’s also not attracted to women. Or so the story goes.

It’s fair to say when the hotelier disputes that fact—in a dark corner of a club—there’s no one more surprised than me. Or more turned on.

What was supposed to be a secret rebound fling quickly becomes addictive. He pushes the boundaries of my new found desires, unravelling my world and turning it on its head. Like how, for instance, I discover two might be company but a third can be a delightful bonus…


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ODS is a standalone, full-length romance novel that features a mad-cap cast of family and friends, giggles, smoking hot lurve, a wee bit of three-in-the-bed, and super hot HEA!

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Weight305 g
Dimensions290 × 200 × 25 mm

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