No Romeo- Paperback Release 6th August 2024

New Release 6th August 2024

Scandal meets sizzle when a runaway bride’s quick getaway lands her in the arms of her almost-groom’s rival, but he has more than business on his mind when he makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

Your wedding day is meant to be the happiest day of your life. Not the day you discover your groom is a cheating jerk.

When I run, strong arms catch me. It’s just a shame they belong to my ex’s nemesis, Oliver Deubel. Rich and powerful, the man is sin in a suit. He’s also arrogant, demanding, and infuriatingly irresistible.

When my wedding disaster goes viral and deportation hangs over my head, Oliver offers me a deal: help him ruin my ex in exchange for my visa. The fine print? Move in with him.

I want to laugh in his face, until I discover how ruthless he is. So I decide to repay him by making his life a living hell, and he retaliates by…being nice to me. Which is where things become really weird as lines blur and pretend suddenly begins to feel real.

But Oliver is no Romeo, and only a fool would fall for him.

Worryingly, I think that fool might be me.


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