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My next release will be out soon and I’d love you to join me in sharing it with the world. Here’s a little about it so you can decide if it is a fit for you and your blog:

One Dirty Scot (Hot Scots Book 3)

ODS is a standalone, full-length romance novel, including a smexy-times, HEA, and no cliffhanger or cheating.

He’s dirty, hot, and Scottish.
Hear him speak and you’ll understand . . .
So. Damn. Sexy.

He wears a suit like a hooker wears lingerie.
For the business of temptation.
I’m not giving in.

Even if his hands were in my panties the night we met . . . 
It won’t happen again.

We’re too different—I’m a doctor. Professional. Sensible. 
While he seems to have stepped from my Tumblr feed.
He doesn’t date. He only f*ks.

As the twin of my best friend’s man, he’s too close to home.
The idea is ridiculous. The fall out messy.
But the attraction is real.
It’s too complicated.
Even for a secret rebound fling . . . ?

As a special limited time bonus for your enjoyment, I’ve also included my best-selling series for the very first time, along with another trip to the Den. Enjoy!

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