Pretty Things

If a little trouble only makes for a good time, Kate and Kai should be having a blast . . .

Kate Saunders didn’t believe in happy endings, especially after finding her fiancé between another woman’s thighs. When she met Kai, she was sure he’d be nothing more than a hot one night stand. Charismatic and dominant, Kai wasn’t supposed to be her Prince Charming, just her Mr Right Now. But against her instincts, she’d fallen in love.

Theirs isn’t a forbidden love, but a troubled one, as Kai learns that good looks, charm and a talented tongue aren’t a cure-all. Sometimes wealth, privilege, and family are their own bonds.

Join Kate and Kai in Australia as they embark on the final leg of their journey, in the heart-pounding conclusion to the series. Lies, secrets and shocking truths will be revealed as the pair navigate a path to their happy ending . . . via lots of happy endings.