Fantasies. We all have them.
The night I go home with him, he’s mine.
Dark. Dominant. His hot Brit accent makes me wet.
He has secrets. A past. A son.
But that night, I only know I want him.

I’m not a one-night stand kind of girl.
I don’t get drunk.
Don’t go home with handsome strangers.
I’d never creep out next morning,
Without exchanging names.
Until I do.

Until he finds me again,
And melts my inhibitions.
Until I’m dancing to his dark tune,
And bending my rules.

I shouldn’t—I won’t—fall for him.
But I can’t stop playing his games.

Playing His Games is a Hot Scots series spin off featuring Dan Masters, the owner of The Lion’s Den club, as featured in One Dirty Scot. The Scots may be absent in this novel, but the heat is not!