Donna Alam



“Delicious, hilarious, naughty.”


Flynn Phillips stole my Ohhh,
And I need a plan to take it back.

Since our wedding hook-up months ago,
Even my BoB isn’t doing it for me.
I think I need a do-over,
A chance to prove the problem is all in my head.
That he didn’t rock my world.
That he isn’t the star of my fantasies.
Because the man is cocky and annoying and I can’t stand his Australian ass!
I can’t stop thinking about it, either.
But as pretty as Flynn Phillips is,
He won’t feature in my long-term plans.
Even if I wanted him to

Would he?

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Donna Testimonial



Omg, I absolutely love this series. I’ve read other books by Donna but really think these are her best. And even as you read thru the series they get better and better.

- Natasha Harvey

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