Donna Alam


“Hotter than sin. Impossible to resist.”



Captain Ben Monroe has an a$$ made for touching,
And a panty-dropping smile.
He’s also my best friend’s younger brother.
And the worst mistake of my life.

Or maybe the best.
It’s hard to tell.

He was a blight on my childhood.
A thorn in my side.
I haven’t seen him in years,
And now he needs a place to stay.

What I didn’t expect was to find him naked in my kitchen,
And he’s all grown up.
But sisters before misters,
I wasn’t supposed to look, let alone touch.



“Delicious, hilarious, naughty.”


Reasons not to sleep with Flynn Phillips. Again.

1.He’s cocky.
2.He’s annoying.
3.And I can’t stand his Australian a$$!

I can’t stop thinking about it either . . .

Since our wedding hook-up months ago,
He’s ruined me!
My O has gone—it’s been months since I . . . well, you know . . .
I think I need a do-over,
A chance to prove that the problem is all in my head,
That he didn’t rock my world.
That he isn’t the star of my fantasies,
Because as pretty as Flynn Phillips is,
He’s a player, and I’m tired of the game.
There’s no way he’ll feature in my long-term plans.
Babies. Marriage. A white picket fence.

Or would he?

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Donna Testimonial



Omg, I absolutely love this series. I’ve read other books by Donna but really think these are her best. And even as you read thru the series they get better and better.

- Natasha Harvey

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