Donna Alam

Donna writes about exotic locations and the men you aren’t married to, but might sometimes wish you were. Escapism reads with heart, humour, and plenty of steam.

Single Daddy Scot

In an unconscious moment, she leans closer, allowing her voice to carry over the music, bringing with her the scent of her perfume and her wine wet lips. I nod a little, knocked off my stride, my feelings and base reactions tied so tightly together it fucking hurts

One Dirty Scot

He’s dirty, hot, and Scottish.
Hear him speak and you’ll understand . . .
So. Damn. Sexy.

He wears a suit like a hooker wears lingerie.
For the business of temptation.
I’m not giving in.

Even if his hands were in my panties the night we met . . .
It won’t happen again.

We’re too different—I’m a doctor. Professional. Sensible.
While he seems to have stepped from my Tumblr feed.
He doesn’t date. He only f*ks.

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Donna Testimonial



Omg, I absolutely love this series. I’ve read other books by Donna but really think these are her best. And even as you read thru the series they get better and better.

- Natasha Harvey

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